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Are you interested in enrolling in the study or referring a patient?

You might be reimbursed for travel expenses if you are outside of California. You might also be compensated with up to $1,000 in stipends.**

Find the site closer to you.

Eye Research Foundation

520 Superior Ave, Ste. 235

Newport Beach, CA 92663

California Eye Specialists Medical Group

2619 East Colorado Blvd, Suite 150

Pasadena CA 91107

**If you complete all study visits you will receive up to a total of $825.00. If you are asked to complete the additional 24-hour health assessment in the study office, you will receive up to a total of $1,075.00. If you withdraw from the study before it is completed, you will receive compensation for completed visits only. Compensation schedule: $250.00 for a completed screening visit, $325.00 for Day 1/Baseline completed visit, $250.00 for Day 7 completed visit, $250.00 for 24-hour health assessment if completed in the office. A completed visit means all scheduled study procedures have been completed within study timelines. You will be compensated within 1 month following your participation in the trial.